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Thursday, October 23 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

in the DMS Auditorium


Cyber Safety:  Catching Up With High Tech Kids in a High Tech World

 Camera Phones---Virtual Worlds---Facebook---Texting---Online Gaming---YouTube---And More-


Parenting Online:  

Keeping on top of what kids do with technology is tough and ever changing, but critical to their safety and future.  Youth get messages about safety in our homes, at school and in the community.  Historically we’ve prepared kids to be safe in a variety of ways…anywhere from danger proofing our homes for little ones to teaching bicycle safety, to teaching kids about personal safety.  Now, with the availability of the internet in most homes and in the hands of young children, there is an entirely new world of dangers adults need to be aware of and prepare for addressing with youth.


Presenter:  Dave Eisenmann, M.A.Ed., Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services at Minnetonka Public Schools, has been educating students, staff, parents and the greater community about technology and safety issues for the past several years and has been invited to Alexandria for the second time to raise awareness and teach us what we can do to help youth develop safe and healthy on-line habits .

His presentation will address the following:

§  Potential risks associated with the wide-ranging technologies kids use, from cyber bullying and harassment to the dangers of pornography  

§  Why kids should be cautious about what information they share online

§  The permanency of a digital record

§  Tips for maintaining open dialog with kids about technology

§  The significant role you play in helping kids be responsible and safe in today's high-tech world

§  Numerous ideas and free resources for internet safety at home and at school



This presentation is for parents and/or anyone who works with or around children who are venturing into the world of on-line communication.


CEU’s will also be available.

Student Presentations:  Mr. Eisenmann will be presenting  Cyber Safety: Be Smart--Think First  to individual grade levels at Discovery Middle School during the school day on October 23, 2014.  In the student presentations he will address:

§  Cyber bullying, harassment, sexting, and other types of unsafe on-line behavior

§  Why students should be cautious about what information they share online

§  The permanency of their digital record

§  Why students need to control and monitor their actions with technology to guard their image and future

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